How do you burn avi to a DVD

Can Adobe create a DVD from avi files? What would be the best to use to transfer avi to dvd :confused:

Nick - welcome to the forum but a bit more explanation is needed.

Do you mean the end product has to play on a standard DVD player that won’t deal with XviD or DivX?

adobe what? if you’re asking if you can use premiere to convert avi to dvd, technically i guess it could, but that’s like using a steamroller to kill an ant.

there are much smaller and more user friendly tools to accomplish the task.

avi2dvd and nero vision express are tools specifically suited for that job to name a few.

Try this program out.

It’s a fantastic program it even acceps quicktime files as well :slight_smile:

there’s also a program called convertxtodvd. this program is payware, but there’s a free older version of it called divxtodvd that should also do the job.

Take your pick, there a couple of freeware tools here too.
There are also a few guides and a lot of help at this site, just click home.

OK all, I have a bunch of avi files with naration that I want to put on a DVD to give away to my church. I’ve got all of adobe CS2 and I was wondering if Encore can produced what I want, or (like what was pointed out ) Premier. Also, what is the diference between NTSC and PAL that should answer your question about ntsc an pal

Thanks for the info