How do you burn at higher than the rated speed



I just got a 1620 and i’m reading how everyone is burning at speeds higher than the dvd is rated for. I have some 4x Ritek G04 -r discs that I would like to try this on. When I burn I set the speed at maximum but it still burns only at 4x. I apologize if this has been addressed before.


If the disc can be burned higher you could select a higher speed. Maybe with a newer firmware… I don’t know :slight_smile:


To my experience RiTEKG04 is not that good media in general and it’s, in my opinion, a wise decision by BenQ firmware makers not to allow higher burn speeds on this media. :wink:

Right now we don’t have any means or tools to “speed up” burns (“adjust” write strategy) for BenQ drives, but to my knowledge there might be a possibility in not so far future.

Still, the best thing you can do right now is to buy some better (higher rated) DVD media. :slight_smile:
Brands like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell and Fuji are highly recommended.

Hope it helps.


Are you kidding? Ritek G04 burns wonderful at 8x on Nec… just look at this scan. However you have to have the right brand also :wink: BTW: firmware used QV1B1 :wink:


CloneCD allows me to burn at almost any speed. Keep in mind that all media will react differently to overburning.

I had some Memorex 4x that I’d consistently burn at 8x in CloneCD and the 8x Memorex that I now have will burn around 10x. Also, you can tell it to burn at that speed in CloneCD but it won’t necessarily burn at that high of speed. Of course you might also end up with coasters but when the disks cost less than $.40 each, I’m willing to experiment. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


If I recall an earlier post in another thread correctly, the speed each media is allowed to be burnt at is determined by the firmware.

Ritek G04s have been determined by BenQ to only be allowed to be burnt at 4x.

I have TYG02s that are rated at 8x but show up with speeds up to 16x in my buring programs -> because BenQ has decided that media can be overspeeded so they wrote it into the firmware.


Quikee2, yeah I know… :wink:

But, we are in BenQ/Philips forum section right now. :cop:

@Svenson, wery good post. It’s all abot firmware, nothing else.


I World love if someone could actually answer this question. Some how, Nero 8and other software) now the speed cd´s are rated, and higher speed are not selectable. How can someone unlock that limit?


are you talking about cds or dvds?

what drive do you have?

if your drive supports all of qsuite’s settings you can enable overspeeding for dvd burning. unless you’re using very high quality media though i wouldn’t expect the results to be very astounding.


OFF Topic but I had to ask " Nero 8 " ?


i think the 8 might have been a typo…maybe he was trying to hit the “&”

otherwise, if you’re using Nero 8 then you got scammed :wink:


Use ala42 media code edit software and open up the firmware file you want to use, check the box overspeeding, then save the firmware. then use that firmware to flash your 1620, then you will be able to burn faster than rated speed.


erm, the overspeed box allows you to read faster than the default, not write.

The lack of faster burning stratagies will limit the speed you can burn at. If the drive does not have a 16x or 8x startagy for burning a disc then it will not allow burning at that speed, you can only burn at the speeds the firmware has a strategy for.

the 1640/5x drives get around this by making a statagy on the fly for DVD± R media using solidburn but the 1620 cannot do this as it does not have that feature.

The only way to burn faster than rated speed on a 1620 (or 1640\5x if using DL media) is to buy media that has a faster stratagy built into the firmware, e.g. TY media or swap the stategy around using ala42’s program but this is trial and error because you are using power calibration settings for a different disc.