How do you burn a movie to a CD

I have burned several movies but I can only watch them on my computer. I try to watch some of them on media player and they only play the audio but do not show the video. When I try to burn it to a disk it always gets interupted or it will act like the job was completed but when I play it nothing works. It have tried that AVIS converter but when I try to burn it an error message pops up at the end. I dont know what to do.


We’ll need a bit more information to help you. Which operating system are you using? If it is XP, there is no native mpeg2 decoder built in, so you have to use third party mpeg2 decoders or programs to watch dvd-video on your computer.

I suggest getting VLC to watch dvd-video on your computer. It is free to download and use.

You say you tried a converter? What format are you coming from and going to? If you are converting avi to dvd, you should look at these three programs that are free to use: FAVC, DVDFlick or AVStoDVD.
Any of those will convert avi or mp4 over to a finished dvd ready to burn to a disk.

What error are you getting exactly when you burn? Which program are you using for burning? FAVC, and the others can use ImgBurn to go to dvds. ImgBurn is a free program also.

In your title you say you want to burn to a cd? Is there a specific reason to burn to cds rather than dvds? That is a different process, unless you are just burning avi or mp4 as data to a cd. Let me know if you actually want to burn video cds rather than dvd-video and I’ll point out a guide for you.

Well you have solved my 1st problem because I can now see all of the videos on my computer. I downloaded that Videolan. I am trying to convert video files to a DVD (I THINK?) I have been using Express Burn and I put in a DVD and it has been over 30mins now and it is still converting.

[QUOTE=usf7851;2200814]I try to watch some of them on media player and they only play the audio but do not show the video.[/QUOTE]

This should tell you that something is corrupted or badly encoded on the source file. Sounds like the source isn’t of good quality and should get the source again and see if the replacement source run better or if it runs the same as previous avi then it’s no good. Also you never said if you use VLC to watch those avi to see if they properly loaded and ran??? If VLC can’t load or play the avi properly this those avi are no good.