How do you burn a back up

How do you burn a backup of the liscense key so i have a back up of it.
i tried and i couldn’t do it.
please help me

What I did was create a disk (I used Nero but any CD authoring program will work) and I put the actual program files and my keys onto it. Then put it in a safe place so my 14 month old daughter can’t get her jam covered hands on it!!!

None of the Slysoft/Elby programs have this facility.

Actually if you are using Windows XP - you can even right click on the file and ‘Send To’ your CD/DVD burner.

If it’s a standard series of numbers and ketters you enter what I do is use notepad and make a text file. You can burn it as a data file along with the software.

Nothing beats a sharpie.

Unfortunetly the key is a small app that changes your registry - not just a series of numbers/letters to write down

Hello Folks,

I have made a copy of the E-Mail I received from SlySoft and the Registration Key. I burned this information onto a CD and also a 3-½ floppy disk. I also made a directory titled Registration Key on my Hard Drive and placed the E-Mail I received from SlySoft and the Registration Key in this folder. I then made a Symantec Norton Ghost image of my Hard Disk. If I ever need this SlySoft information I can use Norton Explorer and retrieve the information from the Symantec Norton Ghost image.

It is wise and prudent as soon as you receive your Registration Keys to make an archrival copy of this information and place it in a safe place. This very simple to do and will prevent the frustrations as displayed in numerous Forum postings by Forum members that did not heed the advise of SlySoft to safeguard their Registration Keys.

Best Regards,

@bjkg - on your point - I know many people have said that oh if I loose my car keys my dealer will replace them for a small fee so why dont slysoft? Tale of woe - my friend had a Fiat and lost the ‘red’ key which they told you never to loose - he had to get his whole car engine managment system replaced - cost about £1000 (including all the locks too) - Slysoft state up front don’t loose this key - ironic though - someone complaining about not backing up a key for a bit of software that backs up stuff!!

You can export the registry key. Then save the .reg file whereever it is safe (CD, floppy, email, all of those)

Then you can just double click the .reg file if you reinstall.