How do you burn 730MB onto a 700MB disk

I just want to put some large files thta are near 730MB on a CD that I know can hold 730MB but the CD writing software says that the disk is not big enough.

I’ve tried using Roxio’s EZ CD Creator 5 and just by the old ‘drag and drop method’ that one can use with WIN XP, but no luck.

Is there anohter program that will allow one to ‘overburn’ simple data files?

Take a look here.
So if you really want to burn 730 MB on a cd you’ll have to overburn (pretty much actually) or buy some 90 or 99 min cd-r’s.
Oh, and don’t use EZ CD Creator. It is real crap. Try using Nero instead. Works very good for overburning. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Use Nero. Click file, preferences, expert features.

Thanks. How much does NERO cost? Is it available for download as a trial?

Yes, you can download it as a trial and if you like it you can buy it. The site: