How do you boot into DOS

I have a windows XP laptop and I want to boot into dos where I can access files from my hard disc (C. So I as wondering how do I boot into dos and have access to my hard disc?

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Steve Griffiths

With any one of about 5 million programs out there.

Is there something going around in P2P that I should know about? Seems to be alot of people asking this same question over and over and over again :confused:

Wanted to add: If I was to answer everybody that has ever asked my answer would be making a boot disc is the easy part. Go that extra mile and learn how to structure a batch file and construct a proper Autorun.inf file. In an hour you have the ability to make a inserted disc get up and dance. Anything you want it to do. It just needs a few instructions to be told what to do. They can’t think by themselfs. Because computers are fast some think they do it on their own. Actually the systems are as dumb as a box of rocks without a person telling them what to do.

Do you want original DOS or the Windows like emulated DOS

there are several solutiond for this, one of which is mentioned above

Isn’t it simpler to start windows in safe mode selecting “start as DOS”?

Sorry I don’t remember the exact text, but it’s something similar to this. When you run windows in safe mode it’s possible to select some different modes. One of these should be “dos mode”.

Not in XP you can’t boot into Dos !!! Windows XP and Windows 2000 are both based on the Windows NT kernel, which is independent of DOS. You can only do it if you are running Windows 95, 98, and Me then you could Boot into Dos , these operating systems run on top of DOS.

But I saw something referring to dos latest time I run in safe mode.

So it’s only an interface, and not a “real” dos?

Thanks for the info, I didn’t knew :bow:

I can’t say I ever see Dos in Safe Mode on XP ! I could be wrong because I don’t normally go into safe mode. XP runs on NTFS and Dos uses Fat 32 and can’t read NTFS. Well there are some versions of Dos that can read and write on NTFS but not the standard version of Dos.

I want to make a boot CD because I dont have a floppy disc drive in my laptop. So how do I go about making a cd boot disc which will give me access to my hard drive and cd drive. Also how do I make a boot cd that will give me access to my hard disc so that I can execute files from my hard disc in dos.

One last time

You can use magiciso to create bootable cd for dos. It is a good iso creator.

  1. download win98.bif from
  2. run magiciso
  3. click Menu “New”->“bootable CD/DVD image”
  4. Choose “from bootable image file” and select win98.bif.
  5. click ok
  6. Add files and folder you need into iso image.
  7. click “burn cd/dvd image without saving” button to burn CD.

I have tried, it is done.

There is “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” in that menu, which loads command line with DOS interface.

Thanks for the info [B]Oleh[/B] now I know something new :slight_smile: Is it a true Dos and can it access the hard drives and add and delete files on a NTFS partition?

It isn’t true DOS, just the “Command Prompt” utility from Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories. And of course, you can access NTFS partitions :slight_smile:

Good reference bkf! Might I also suggest the Home of BartPE. I just love that Bart guy! He has saved me hours of Windows XP frustration!
BWOE: BartPE will allow you to build a completely bootable Windows XP disc with everything you need to get at your hard drives without booting to the hard drive. I have a BartPE disc with my backup program on it. I can boot to CD, format C:, restore from D: to C:, etc. That’s right, NTFS support from a bootable XP CD! You need: Bart’s PE builder, Windows XP installed on your hard drive, a cd burner, an image burner like ImgBurn, and a blank CD. It took me about an hour to create the walking, talking, dancing, turning-cartwheels-over-the-table boot CD that bkf refers to.

Interesting read that link there bkf