How do you Backup a backup of your 360 game? burn succeeds, disc wont play, original plays fine, master backup plays fine



Ok i went through the entire process of updating my 360 drive frimware to xtreme0800 backing up one of my games, and then reflashing to ixtreme1.4.1 and my backup plays fine.

Now I’ve read multiple times that now I could make a copy of my master backup (for extreme paranoid satisfaction) so I wont ever be unable to play my game. yet I tried making a backup of my backup in my regular dvd burner using xbox backup creator and the backup checks out ok, it crc checks ok, i burnt it and it succeeded with no errors, but when i burn it the second backup wont play in my 360 can anyone tell me the proper way to accomplish the task at hand?

edit: i don’t have to crack the 360 back open and reflash to back up the backup that’s already on a dvd+r dl do I?!?!


my advice is just keep the .ISO and .DVD files onto a couple dvd+r discs for the ‘master copy’ this way you always have a original .iso and .dvd files to burn as many backups as you want from :wink:

but i guess i would try something like imgburn in read mode and make a backup of the backup that way but use XDVDMulleter v10.2 ( ) and this will check your .iso files to make sure there iXtreme compatible before burning :wink:

but like i say if your really that paranoid etc… just do what i said above about backing up the original ISO and DVD files made from the original cd this way you will always have a perfect ISO file to use should your backup copy ever get damaged.