How do you back up Band of Brothers?

Not sure if this is the right forum, but there is a problem backing up Band of Brothers disc 6 (special features). Neither DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink seems to work. Anyone know a special workaround or whatever?

Just use DVD X Copy, dats backed all my DVDs nicely. But make sure its the full version of the program. Never heard of a DVD with six discs.


Use AnyDVD ( in combination with CloneDVD2 ( and you will be impressed with the results.

Well, no it isn’t but I’ve moved it to the correct forum for you. :wink: :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you clean the DVD (even if it looks clean) with some alcohol on a tissue. If DVD Decrypter cant read the disk, then neither can any of the others. Use your burner as the reader also.

I cleaned it with dish soap before and there are no scratches. I tried with both DVDs I have. And also, it’s not like CRC errors or anything, it said ‘copy protection, unable to read’ errors or something similar.

Tried with the latest version of DVD Decrypter? I know people who have managed to back up their copies of BOB successfully, and all they use is DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Nero…

Incidentally the NEC 2500A is not a very good reader. Best readers I’ve come across are Lite-ON DVD-ROM drives (aka 166) with a modified firmware to improve rip speed, but king of the pile was my Lite-ON 851S DVD ReWriter (now flashed to an 832S).

Ya, same trouble with the newest Decrypter. Using a Lite-On DVD Rom…it’s all so strange.

i have friends who were able to backup BOB without problems as well. try ripping the dvds on another computer to confirm whether or not the problem is specific to your computer.

It’s not that, I can back up the other 5 discs in the series no problem…

this doesn’t rule out whether or not the 6th disc is “special” in some manner, nor whether or not the problem is specific to your computer.

ok… I just stuck DVD 6 into my DVD-ROM drive and used DVD Shrink to open it…

now DVD Shrink has frozen… I can’t end task it, I can’t minimise any of the current windows that are open… I can’t open nor close programs, only the ones that are open will work (MSN, FireFox, DC++ mIRC etc…)

At least my net connection still works LOL

I’ll try a different program later… I got AnyDVD, clone DVD, Alcohol 120% and ICopy

Install AnyDVD (upgraded to the very latest and reboot. Now try dragging the files off the DVD in Windows Explorer to your HD, just try 1 file as a time.

Is there any trial version of AnyDVD then? Cause I’m not looking to pay 50 bucks for a one time use program…

A 21 day free trial period is available

I’m a noob, but just what does AnyDVD do? Copy, transcode, convert, transfix?

Did you actually go to the site I linked? Its all there 100 times better than anyone else here can explain.