How do you automatically test the 'integrity' of a file?

Sparse HD space
Tremendous amount of files and DVDs

What I want to do is, pop in my disk and have the computer check each file to see if it will/will not copy to the hard drive. My problem is not detecting the corruption of each individual file; I am only interested in knowing whether or not the files can be copied.

For example: if File.exe is broken, but my disk isn’t scratched/damaged and allows me to copy it to hard drive, that is fine. I don’t care that it’s broken. If File.exe is not broken, but I am unable to copy it to my hard drive (due to any kind of damage), then I have a serious problem.

Manually doing this is in no way feasible. I wouldn’t bother to ask a single soul for help if I could do it by hand. There are just too many DVDs (over a hundred) and files, nobody has that kind of patience.

So what are some ways I can do this? My first idea was to have a program copy all files one-by-one to a temporary folder, and delete them as soon as they successfully copied. If a file failed to copy, it would just log that and move to the next file. That’s how I suspect something like this work, but there could be a way to do it without copying anything, right?

Semi-Related: There’s a specific error I remember when your disk was scratched and the computer couldn’t copy it. I’m sure we’ve all encountered it… you know, the one where it looks like the file is going to copy but it says an outrageous number like 2500 minutes. Better yet, it says ~2 minutes, but never makes any progress than the error pops up. Or if you were unlucky, it would taunt you by starting out low, nearly finishing, than increasing the time. What’s the name? It’s on the tip of my tongue…

Now that I think of it, I’m not sure if this is really a newbie question. Mods, move if you want to, because I don’t know if this is the best place to ask this.

I’m afraid it isn’t really clear what you asking. If all you want to do is see whether a simple data file can be read (and thus copied) from a CD or DVD, then just run it through CD-DVD Speed’s scanning feature.

Copy protected DVD-Video are different, but if it’s your backed-up data files then the above should work.

Actually, that’s exactly what I asked. You understand. I thought I wrote it as clear as it could be? :o

Thank you, imkidd57.

If anyone else is confused:
All I wanted was a way to see if a file on DVD could be read/copied to my harddrive without actually copying to my harddrive.

Try DVDINFOPro and run the disk scanner - if there is corruption it will let you know (red block) and indicate a CRC error and at what address.