How Do You Add Files To Nero 7 Ultra?

I just downloaded a demo version of Nero 7, to replace an OEM version. However, when I go into Nero Express and ADD I get a Nero Scout? How do I select where I want to download files from, etc?

Why don’t you go directly to “Nero Burning Rom” program and see on your right hand side you have your hard drive with all your directories then you can select any file or directory from right side and drag and drop it in to the left side of Nero window and burn them.

Thanks, I went there but the tracks are not numbered and it has 2 sec delay… how do I get rid of the 2 sec and see track numbers?

I am having all sorts of problems getting the ADD FILES to bring up my various HDs and files as before in an older version…how do you :confused: :confused: use Nero Scout inside Nero Express?
Thanks So Much!