How do you add a flash video file to a copy right protected cd

I’m sure most of you computer boffins have the answer to my question. I live and work in the deaf world, and the English theory test is not designed for the deaf person. I would like to change the audio files within the cd for flash video, but I can’t get past the copy right.

Any help with problem is much appreciated

I think the copy protection on this type disc is sometimes different.
DVDFab & AnyDVD both have trials so see if one of those can rip a copy of this disc to your hard drive.

I’m sure most of you computer boffins [/QUOTE]

Could you clarify what your saying here from my reads it doesn’t sounds like a very good characteristic your describing the forums users to be? It sounds more like a off statement one makes that doesn’t come off as a good saying?

Boffin = expert

It´s a compliment.

World English Dictionary
boffin (ˈbɒfɪn)

— n

  1. informal ( Brit ) a scientist, esp one carrying out military research
  2. a person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field: a Treasury boffin
  3. informal someone who is considered to be very clever, often to the exclusion of all non-academic interests

If the CD is finalized you can not change or add anything to it.

I believe this is probably a pressed commercial disc since copyright is the OP’s suspected problem. So it will need to be ripped & then edited.
I don’t know how flash video would be substituted for audio but I would like to know.
After those files were added I’m sure that an encoder program would need to encode the data before it could be burned to a writable DVD disc.

[QUOTE=deanimator;2570336]Boffin = expert

It´s a compliment.[/QUOTE]

Can’t say I never seen that word used before on this side of the Atlantic??? :frowning: