How do we use CDI files?



How do we use CDI files? Like I want to burn it to play on my PS2 modchip. DO i burn it on a CD Or DVD. Its like 170 megs




DiscJuggler is the program you are after i think…


Okay, seems like Nero takes it like any other image file. Thanks for replying. Much love bro


I’m having trouble understanding what to do with my CDI file… i figure the easyest way to make a backup of one of my old dreamcast games is to just download it and burn it to a cd. i got this CDI file, and i try to open it with Nero, but it says “unexpected file format”. I can open it with Daemon tools, but the only option i can find is to mount it to my virtual drive.

do i need to do something before i can burn it to a cd? any help is greatly appreciated


Nope, because its copyrighted material…


so ive gotta copy the actual game? i guess thats easyer anyway…