How do we get rid of "CHECK NEW UPDATE"

hi i’d like to know how to get rid of that annoying “CHECK NEW UPDATE”?
i unckecked this in settings,but this always come back,is really annoying…
i’m running platinum on windows xp…
everytime i open the program the freaking message…

I am not sure, but it has been discussed before. I’m not sure why it is in the program since it will not update the program. I just click no, but would be nice to see it resolved.


uncheck “check for new version automatically” in the settings of ALL dvdidle products you have, if it’s not solve it, i will see the problem with fengtao…

Fengtao, please address this, is annoying(once user has unchecked respective setting box), and was not an issue in versions I believe prior to thanks.

Dear all,

I cannot reproduce the problem with DVDFab Platinum, if I uncheck the option “Check new version automatically”, I will not get the pop up window to ask me to check new version.

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Ok, i saw something fengtao…i will tell you…

hope it can be fix,it’s really annoying…i uncheck this many times…i mean everytime i open the program…the message appears…

yes, it will be surely the way for the fix… :wink:

I have this bug. Here’s how it goes - open Express, uncheck the option, Express will no longer check. But when you open Gold, the option is checked. If I then uncheck it in Gold, it is re-enabled in Express.

It’s actually kinda funny :slight_smile:

Hi wraithdu,

Thank you for providing the method to recreate the problem, it will be fixed in next release.

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I thought someone would have noticed by now. Glad it’s fixed for everyone though!

Dear all,

I think the problem only occurs in DVDFab Platinum. If you have the problem with other version of DVDFab, please tell me.

Please try new DVDFab Platinum Beta to see the result:

Best Regards,

Fengtao, thanks for quick fix!

Yep, that fixed it alrighty… :bow: :bow: :bow:
Much appreciated!

Yes, repaired, but the window of check comes at all starts of the programs (express or gold mode) for you when it’s checked? (not for me…)