How do u set SATA as slave and IDE as master



hey guys. kinda new to this forum wuts u. anyways my problem is that i have 2 hardrives. a regular IDE maxtor 40 gb. and a WD raptor 74 gb. set in sata.

my question is. i had windows installed on the raptor running and then recently something happened and i was getting the “blue screen of death” as windows was tryign to load. it would show up for a split second then restart my computer.

so i installed windows on my extra hardrive, the maxtor one. all went well then when i hook edup the raptor in sata again, and booted up, the computer boots from the sata first and of course the blue screen of death thing happens then restarts…i even have the maxtor set on master on jumpers.

is there a way where i can make my maxtor drive load windows and when i goto “my computer” the raptor will be there too because i have to back up some files before i format it…

my basic question is. how do u set SATA as slave and IDE as master???

thanks guys. all help is much appreciated.


This doesn’t answer your question, but it may give you a solution
I think your raptor is hot-swappable (aren’t all SATA drives?).
You should be able to unplug it, power up the system, then plug it in and transfer your files.
Double check this, or can anyone else confirm this?


Seems like I am going between this and your 3520A FW problem. Like I said in the other Thread S ATA has no Master or Slave so you need to go to BIOS and select your Maxtor as first boot HD.


Hi :slight_smile:
This isn’t strictly so , SATA has primary & secondary which amounts to something almost identical when not raided The diference is that you set your ’ master / slave ’ at the m/b end not the hard drive itself
The Bios aspect is correct :iagree: :iagree:
I am simply pointing this out for those browsers , who if they go with SATA for their next hard drive (1) are aware it must be connected to Primary not Secondary


Yes I agree. You are talking controller though, the drive has no Master/Slave settings and as for Primary and Secondary my S ATA HD is on the second S ATA port as the first was really a PITA to get to because of my optical drives. Mine works fine.:slight_smile:


I fail to understand what you mean with this statement

SATA has primary & secondary
Each SATA is on it’s own channel not shared with anything else, for example my sata’s are channel’s 3 and 4 no master no slave, in my bios I have to select the hard drive I want my system to boot from, yes hard drive, I select the boot order and then if I choose to boot from the hard drive first I need to select the boot priority order by hard drive serial number, so as not to “confuse” windows, there is no master/slave or primary/secondary when dealing with SATA, if so I’d like to see the documentation you are working from.


@kamikazee. I believe zabadee was talking about how they show up in Windows Device Manager as Primary and Secondary if you are not on a SCSI controller.:slight_smile:


aight cool cool everyone thanks for your help. i got it all fixed. stupid me i didnt even look in my bios. i could just select which hardrive to load windows from.