How do u erase from a RW dvd?

I have fdinally purchased a Sony DRX-700UL burner and i burned my frist dvd copy of 8 mile to a dvd-rw. The movies came out great in my opinion with the whole movies burnt. Now i want to erase this movie and practice more with it only i dont know how to erase this movie. I am using dvd dycryptor and dvd shrink…(the newest version)



i don’t think either of those programs have a stand-alone erase function. best thing is to get a burning program like nero ultra edition v6

i believe dvd decrypter allows you to overwrite a dvd+/-rw if it’s not blank. it doesn’t have an erase function though.

when your about to copy anything on disc the program usually says that the disk is full and should it overwrite it? just select yes