How do u copy world of war craft reign of chaos and frozen throne...? help! please

i borrowed both from a freind and i want to make a copy for my self how do do it.

i copyed them both but when i go to play it, it says check that the disk is in…

help me!!

ffs were is some 1

can some 1 please help me what i need to no is how do i copy it since its got that protection thing i can copy it normally put when i play it it says check the disk is in so some 1 please help me!!! i havent got 1 reply…

for blindwrite how do u selcet image is is “normal” or “ISO image” ?

I’ll help.

Go and buy the game instead of stealing them.

You will get no help on this forum with games that you don’t own.

Please read the rules before posting again.