How do u calculate Dual/double layer speed!

How do u calculate Dual/double layer speed!! :confused:
Google for freaking half and hour, no freaking article it!! :a
Same as single layer (i.e. if 4x SL dvd burning takes 15min then 4x DL dvd burning takes 30 min?!?!)

Help is appreciated :bow: :bow: :bow:

Think you are close to right from the times i’ve seen here. 30 mins. Never used any myself. Don’t want to spend the $ on them. To high priced for me.

Knowledge is power, I just to know more!!! But can’t find about the burning speeed of DL!

The burning speed of SL and DL is the same. 1x = SL is the same as 1x DL.
The only difference is the amount of data that you can burn.
SL = 4.4Gb DL = 8.5Gb.

So if you would burn a full SL disc and a full DL disc the DL disc would be a little bit less than 2x the recording time of the SL disc.

for me…

4X DL +R = ~25min