How do u brigten a laptop screen?

im on a toshiba laptop the screen is dark i dont know how to brighten it up it has a little sun and a up arrow on the number ‘‘7’’ key but that doesnt’t seem to work. so can any1 help me???

CORRECTION: sorry the screen isnt pitch black dark its on but i want to brighten it.

Have you tried that with holding the blue ‘Fn’ key that is between your left CTRL and ALT key?

Also check your power settings. The brightness may be lowered to save power…

ive pressed the fn key nufin happens and i cant find power settings only power options and on tht there doesnt seem 2 b a thing 2 saqve power etc


you push the fn key whilst pushing the brightness up key at the same time. The brightness key is usually accross the top row of numbers F6 F7. :slight_smile:

i dun it thanks