How do those results look?

I bought a NEC 2500 drive recently.
So far it burns everything fine. The Nero CDSpeed reading speed tests look a little jagged but nothing extreme.
A couple of days ago my friend who’s got a Lite-on DVD-ROM did me a favour and ran kprobe on 3 of my DVD+Rs.
All of them were burnt on Maxell DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01), which are supposed to be good.
Strangely, the kprobe results look quite bad to me.
What will you guys say?

  1. Burnt in Nero 6 at 4x
  1. Burnt in DVD Decrypter at 4x

  1. Burnt in Nero 6 at 8x

Basically, I don’t burn too many DVDs and I am not into changing firmware every single week or finding the fastest combination. Reliability is the most important for me.
So I am wondering if my drive is good enough. I still have some time to exchange it though not much.


Your burns are probably very good!
It is impossible for us to analyze a scan done on a DVD-ROM drive.
Kprobe cannot control the DVD-ROM scan speed, so the results are not compareble to a scan done on a LiteOn DVD writer.
More info on this HERE

If you have a LiteOn DVD-ROM drive, then KProbe results won’t be that helpful (though there has been one claim that the SOHD-167T coupled with CD-DVD Speed 3’s error scanning gives meaningful results… but that’s beside the point).

What you could do, however (and what I often do in addition to KProbing), is [thread=94536]hack the R/RW reading speed of the drive up to 16x[/thread] and then do a transfer rate test in CD-DVD Speed. This 16x “torture” test is considered by some to be even more reliable of a test of burn quality than error rate scanning. Not to mention, it goes a lot quicker, too. :wink:

If it plays on your dvd player with no freezing or skipping it good burn, I think sometime we put to much in to kprobe scans, and Im into kprobing everything. example I have decided my 812 hates real 8x media why because kprobe has hug levels on the last 25% of the scan both pi and po and usually dvdinfo has red blocks there too, but the fact is I have taken the disk that all the tests say should be coaster put it in my set top dvd player and played it thru with out even a stutter. So like I said play it if plays its a keeper.

Wow, thanks for the answers! I guess it’s a releive :slight_smile:
I can’t have access to this Lite-on DVD-ROM drive any more, my friend was not very happy even the first time I asked him. And definitely, no speed hacks :))

So is there a way to hack reading speed of my NEC drive? I searched forums and your links but could not find any references.

I know that the best test is DVD player, but I am going to get a brand new one, so don’t know how it’s gonna read. And besides my DVDs are mostly DVD-ROMs (data backups, etc.) and AVI files on DVD-ROMs.


there are some 2500 read speedhacked and also rpc1 f/w hacks for 1.06 and 1.07 f/w

see it what you need is posted here

As I understand it, the current reading speed patches available for the 2500A are only DVD-video riplock removals and not actual speed increases. So while the reading curve might still be interesting, the lower speed (is it 6x CAV or 8x CAV for the NEC?) is too forgiving and the results won’t be nearly as revealing as a 16x scan.

code, the 2500A is 8X Max CAV:

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP Professional
Drive _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A
Firmware Version 1.07
Serial Number 41A4086C211
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.24 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 3.29x
End 7.88x
Average 5.91x
Type CAV


Time Elapsed Action
[19:21:23] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[19:31:24] 10:00 Speed:3-8 X P-CAV (5.92 X average)
[19:33:24] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[19:43:52] 10:29 Speed:3-8 X P-CAV (5.54 X average)
[20:09:19] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[20:19:07] 9:48 Speed:3-8 X CAV (5.91 X average)

So basically, NEC runs at 8x CAV and there is no read speed hack, right?

I agree, Basically whats important to me is the dvdinfo scan, I care more about if I will be able to read my data back after its gone from my harddisk, the scary thing is that some of my very first dvd’s, cannot be read back, so waste of my time, waste of my effort, and waste of money. This dvd format is still much more flakier than cd burning ever was. Some of you guys try some of your old discs and let me know can you read them back. Oh yeah burning at 2x is about the only way I can feel good of my burn with my new 812… I’m having about a 50/50 with getting a decent “no red blocks” disc with this drive… My LG4040b never introduced me to such horrible problems, I used to read other peoples problems and say "hey that won’t happen to me, and sure enough I got my own woes when I got the LiteOn.

@Brave Heart, you need an NEC! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with wesociety. After the nightmares I went through with my 451S the NEC has been a god send. I don’t recall having a backup I’ve had to redo unless I was goofing around with something different that I thought might not work. Otherwise, on straight backups, the drive has been flawless. :wink:

Yup I’m going from a 411s to nec 2500a.

Such a misleading statement.

If your discs work in the way you wish them to perform and still work that way in the coming years then the combination of media, drive, firmware, player etc are said to be ‘good’.

Just because a ‘movie’ plays back fine on your given player does not mean the media is going to be par for the course. Also if the movie is not using the ‘maximum’ byte value of the media AND tested at that capacity at it’s rated speed and scanned, there is no telling how good this media is going to be for data storage (Video on DVD’s inherently allows the skipping of bad portions of a disc - sometimes imperceptibly whilst viewing the video - during playback.). Also some dyes have been known to go bad faster than others (Some say Princo media has gone bad after only a short period and made the media difficult if not impossible to read).

Just to clear that misconception up (and piss off those who presume too much from a wizz of their ‘oh so perfect’ burns in their $30 PioSonyBishi DVD player) :slight_smile:

DeadMan, I think you nailed it!

So then I guess DVDs are no good for data backup currently. Is my understanding correct?

DVDs are excellent for data backup.
The key point is to use GOOD media if you care about your data.