How do these results look? (TDK DVD+R 8X on Pioneer DVR-111D)

Hi Guys,

btw: hello everybody, I’m new here, Philipp from Germany :wink:

I’m not an expert and don’t really know if the results from DVDinfo are good.
I burned some TDK DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG E01) with my Pioneer DVR-111D and then read it out with the same drive (don’t have another one :wink: )

Here are the results:

and the second one:

Is it a good burn? Good enough that you would recommend me to buy more of them or better change to a different brand?

Thank you very much!


Looks fine to me, Philipp. Very similar to the results I’ve been getting with the TDK 8X+R white printables I have left. These are much better than the 16X+R TDK.

Hi steven,

thanks for replying!

I was was a bit worried about the PIF Total over 500 and the PIF Peak 6? (I’ve hard that PIF Peak 4 is the Standard or so ?!)
Has maybe anybody test-results for these DVD+R’s ? (long term data protection and so on?)



Whoever told you PIF Peak 4 is the Standard? Although the PIONEER 111 is hardly the “gold standard” for scanning your scans are fine. I’d recommend a transfer rate test to ease your worries. If scanning is really important to you get a BENQ or Lite-On drive for this purpose.