How Do These Look?

Here are some paused images I took pictures of with my Canon PowerShot A60. The DVD is a Nero Recoder rip of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Widescreen Edition. I only extracted the “main title” and the English 2 channel audio track and it said video quality was at about 65% of original. My TV is a Sony Trinitron 36" CRT non HD. I was using Sony’s “Enhanced 16:9 Mode” in these pictures. The pictures look nowhere near as good as just watching the film.

Let me know what you think of the quality as best as possible with these not so great pictures.

Why didnt you take screenshots using PowerDVD instead?

Because I don’t know what I am doing. :smiley:

Can you explain? This is all new to me.

Can I use the version of PowerDVD or whatever it really is that comes with Nero 6? I thought that screenshots from the TV would be more accurate but the quality sucks once I get them on the PC.

PowerDVD is PowerDVD. Nero is Nero. They are not related. PowerDVD has a built-in capture function. If you don’t have PowerDVD or whatever software DVD player on your system that allows capture, do a search on and get a separate capture program that allows regular picture capture and movie capture. I used Capture Express a very very very long time ago when it was free… well, the shareware forever type.

Yeah, I would say that based on my post count and my registration date that I am new on this forum. I would also go so far as to say that based on my topic, I am new to video editing. But, thank you for so eloquently pointing it out.

As for number two, Nero 6 comes with a video player based on Cyberlink’s PowerDVD called Nero ShowTime and this is what I meant when I said, “Can I use the version of PowerDVD…”.

Moved it to general software questions, since it is now about software

sorry, i posted offtopic. me = noob

Don’t know. I use the stand alone version of PowerDVD 5, and the capture function is built-in. The settins is under configuration > general > advanced > screen capture


Your pause/stills look pretty good all in all. I like the first one (1.jpg) best. However, try capturing with your Nero playback as you’d get better image quality. PowerDVD is good too if you have it.

PS, ignore the “noob” stuff. Some people forget their origins…

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