How do OCZ make their SSDs?

You have probably seen SSDs being manufactured before, but how does one of the largest SSD manufacturers make their SSDs?

The following short video gives an insight as to how OCZ make their SSDs.

Actually it was my understanding that OCZ manufactures NOTHING.

They either have stuff made “custom labeled” or manufactured by subcontractors.

So that Video would have been shot in the plant making some other
SSD plant while a run of OCZ product was being produced.

this is Crucial’s Video and they make “the whole pig” from hoof to ear and snout to tail

Friends don’t let friends buy OCZ SSDs. There are reputable companies that sell SSDs now.

I bought a Vertex 4 last “Black Friday” for a customer’s computer.

It was $159 for a 256GB SSD.

Would I have paid full price for it? No.
Even with somebody else’s money? No.

OCZ have manufactured their own SSDs, in their own plant since 2010.
They also own Indilinx (SSD controller), and they build their NAND packages from raw wafers supplied by Intel and Micron, and perhaps others.

Crucial use a Marvell controller, so not everything is in-house either.

At 1:39 I could see that they were also using ATTO to benchmark their drives. The shown speed was very high. I wonder what they were testing there.