How do KProbe results depend on scanning speed


I did a test burn (at 2,0x, the ony speed offered) of a DVD-R although knowing that my burner (LDW-811S) doesn’t seem to like - media too much. Despite good reviews, the results were dissapointing: PI 376,00, PIF 1,01 (avg.). With OmniPatcher I assigned to the dvd’s unsupported media code (DAXON08S) the write strategy of TYG01, and burned again with 2,0x. The results were horrible: PI 1042,00, PIF 75,50, far away from a test to test or disk to disk variation. According to these figures the disk shouldn’t play at all, but it plays flawlessly in my external dvd player. I rescanned the disk at reading speed 1x (instead of 4x), and now, even not perfect, the results were completely different: PI 61,95, PIF 0,74.

Has anybody an explanation for this dramatic change? I know we all agreed to scanning at 4x for convenience (to make the test faster). Changing to the official reading speed of 1x shouldn’t make up so much difference, should it?

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The LDW-811S is an IDE DVD writer, as opposed to a recorder that sits on its own below the TV. :wink:

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