How do ICreate multi dvd'S

Hi Guys been looking through your site and it looks like the kind of place I need to be looking at top learn how to use this thing. My name is Ted I am 42 years old married with 3 kids and live in Glasgow Scotland. I am unemployed at the moment but hopefully not for much longer

I am totaly new to pc’s only had one for 3 weeks now it is 1100hz 80 gig hard drive windows xp and have the Nero burning programe I have managed to copy some music cd’s and a couple of dvd’s But what I would realy like to be able to do is back up some of my dvd’s on multi dvd’s ie 3 films on one disc
my friend got someone in his work to make some up for him and I thought it was a great idea. I would love some pointers on a good programme to help me do this and if possible a book I could use to guide me through.Any help would be very much appreciated

that’s a tough one. it will depend on a lot of variables, not the least of which would be the size of each movie. have a look here and and

Its fiddly but you can do it. U can either rip your dvd’s to mpeg1 or .avi (divx) then put the files onto dvd as a data dvd with nero, but this disc will only play on your computer and very very few standalone players (usually only the ‘divx’ style ones). This is probably the easiest way. You can always compress each film individualy with dvd shrink to its lowest possible compression and then use the nero dvd authoring tool to ‘create’ your own menues. Either way though the picture quality will be pretty shocking so your better off just sticking to one film per disc.

TMPGE is probably your best bet. It will allow you to compress the audio as well as the video. If you are doing 3:1, every byte is going to count. Keep in mind your you going to lose some quality. Since you’ve only had your PC for three weeks, I’d say TMPGE is not a beginner tool. Personally would use DVD Shrink to copy 1:1. Its fast, free and easy to use. There’s lots of TMPGE guides on the internet. Hope this helps.

Cheers guys thats just typical of me I found my way to open my bonnet to check my oil and the next thing I was trying to build a car . Iwill try your suggestions that should keep me busy for a while
Cheers Again