How do I?

Hiya everyone

I am new to this forum and have been succesfully copying films using the dvd decrypter - DVD2ONE and Nero dvd movie format - all work okay but have had problems getting them to work on PS2’s. I know this subject has been raised probably a 100 times before but if someone please could give me a quick guideline as to which format to use within Nero I would be most grateful.

Many thanks

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You heard this one problably a thousand times, so here it is again: the problem could be that the media you use is just not good enough for a PS2. I have no experience with PS2, but enough with media. Princo’s 2x can give errors more than you expect (although many would agitate to this statement). I use Datawrite 4x myself, and no errors what so ever. But then again, if your burner is not capable to burn 4x, you can do nothing with this advise.

When using NERO I had nothing but problems and PS2 can be somewhat picky. Some have good luck with NERO and I do not want to rain on the NERO parade. I however do not personally use NERO with DVD any longer. I am using Record Max Now on both DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW Ritek media on HP200i and Pioneer DVR-105 No Probs.

Like I said this is only my opinion. Life is not a one size fits all.


its nero that causes the prob
try primodvd or recordnowmax in datadisc mode
boots on all ps2 systems
i used nero bfore whitout luck
copytodvd is working though

but ill say use primo/RNM