How do I

Hope someone can help newbie, I have d/l VCD zip files , extracted them with WinRaw, now I am left with 3 files- CDI, MPEGAV and VCD how do I burn the image to CD, using what software nero, cdrwin or cloneCD, hope this is not too vauge a description of my prob.
MY set up is 800mhz athlon, philips 9310i burner, toshiba 3210 DVD player .

Thanx in advance for any help…

These are simple datafiles now and can be burnt on a CD using Nero for example.

For more info on VCD you should check out this site:

cheers man for the help.

you don’t have an iso file, but all the parts of an VCD CD.
you can do 2 things with it
a)rename *.dat file to *.mpg and burn this thing as a datacd. When you do so, you can only play this thing in your pc cdrom/dvdplayer.
b)recover VCD with Nero; choose Video-cd, don’t change default settings; tag "new "and drag the datfile in left-beneath window.
(maybe you have to rename *dat to *.mpg first.)
Wait untill nero has finished checking and you will notice, the file has been append to directory \MPEGAV
The other necessary parts are supplied by Nero.
Start burn dialog and burn…
Contrary to datacd containing *mpg, you create now CD without an errorcorrection, so there will fit ca 15% more data on VCD .

Thanks for the help Misha

Excellent instuctions.
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