How do i

how do i flush my cows if some of my pcs don’t have an internet connection

plz tell me

i asked mp|3 , but he couldn’t help me 4 now


You have to flucs the packages from a different PC. You need the file called “buff-out.rc5” and put it on a floppy disc. Go to the PC which has an internet connection. Flush your buffers there, shut down the client, copy the package from the floppy to the client folder and restart the client. Now these packages can be flushed.

I had the same problem with the PC on my work. I could not flush there so every day I would copy the file buff-out to a floppy and flush it at home.

thnx freak!

btw deze fout krijg ik op men niet internet pc’s
network::failed to resolve name""
network open error, sleeping for 3 seconds

dit geeft ie 2x een dan gaat ie weer verder

Soms gebeurd dat wel eens maar dat is niet erg zolang die daarna maar verder geet met flushen van werk. Als die de server helemaal niet kan vinden zorg dan dat de optie “Automatically select a keyserver?” op YES staat. Deze optie is te vinden via:

-2) Buffer and Buffer Update Options
-6) Keyserver<->client connectivity options
-2) Automatically select a keyserver?

Hier kun je nog veel meer instellen maar voor de verdere opties verwijs ik je door naar Badtobone of MP|3 :slight_smile:

Well, Mattel007 how do you get new cows on your pc without the internet connection, also with a floppy??

sorry don’t have much time now… freaks is killing me :slight_smile:

Originally posted by DAFOX
Well, Mattel007 how do you get new cows on your pc without the internet connection, also with a floppy??

he’s counting the packets, there are now more than 500 rc5 packets ready to flush

B.T.W. how many rc5 packets do i need in my buffout to get a mega-flush

I believe 501 is the max and then it flushes auto…

for a mega flush you could have 3 dirs with the dnetc.exe in and buff outs in :slight_smile: and then flush them all together, would make a big flush

i flushed them earlier this day, now let’s see tomorrow, what it will bring :wink:

you can save your work units up to a maximum of 3 months…

90 days !!!

no matter what i do,
2 pc are counting cows every day, 1 with the internet connection and one without, but theone without the internetconnection, won’t flush it cows, even if i put them on a floppy and flush them on the pc, the day after, i only see the stats of the pc with the internet connection on it who has been flushing

You do flush them on the PC with internet connection right? Here’s how I did it while I was working:

Complete packages on the machine without internet connection.
When you’re done flushing, shut down the client and copy the file “buff-out.rc5” to a floppy disc.
At home start you PC with internet connection, make sure it has flushed all it’s buffers and so it’s buff-out irs empty.
Shut down that client and copy the file from your floppy to the client folder overwriting the old buff-out.rc5.
Now restart the client. It should say that there are x packages in the buff-out file.
You can now flush them…

Here’s another tip of what could be wrong:

Make sure you update the buff-in on the PC without internet connection to let is have new packages! Or else the packages completed will be useless when flushed on the internet PC. You can see if your buff-in.rc5 file is empy on the client screen:

[Mar 15 19:24:59 UTC] 0 RC5 packets (0 work units) remain in buff-in.rc5

When it’s indeed empty, copy the file from your internet PC named buff-in.rc5 to a floppy and delete it from the client folder. Else the client on this machine will work on the same packages as the PC without connection. The PC with connection will download new packages when connection is made to the internet.

Look at it this way: all packages are unique. If the same packages or empty packages are send, they will not be counted.

Hope I’ve explained it :slight_smile:

Greets and goodluck!

can i ask how many rc5 packets to be on my pc

I think up to 4000. But it could be more, I’m not sure… You can get new packages by right clicking on the client and selecting “Fetch Work”…

thxn m8
now i can let my other pc run too
it was flushing for nothing then