How do i

hello every one ^.^
so i was wondering how i would be able to download ps1 games and burn them to a cd and play them? does anybody know how to do this?

and also does anybody know where to get the pocket fighter rom and burn it to a cd so i would be able to play it?
and thanks in advance

O_O arnt ou going to help me?

Try reading the rules of this forum…

o sorry

okay…i have an iso file and i need a good free burner can anybody recommened one please?

You will need a mod chip to play burned ps1 games on your PlayStation console. Try Nero/CloneCD. And next time read the forum rules.

thank you and i will do

ok, just in case that someone couldn’t follow :wink:

  1. you are requesting help to download and burn games illegally

  2. you are reminded to read the rules

  3. you have a game iso from one moment to the other

  4. you ask for help on burning it in the same thread

  5. we are not stupid.

topic closed!!