How do I?

I am totally new to this. Got a new laptop that can burn DVD’s. Want to back up my kids movies since they scratch them so easily. Tried to copy Polar Express and it says its protected. What do I do? I know nothing about this. I just want to make a copy for us.

Thank you for info

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Try to use DVDFab Decrypter to rip the movie on your harddrive, and then use DVD shrink to get rid of all undesidered stuff and create an ISO image on your harddrive. Finally, use your burning software to burn the ISO image on a DVD media.

If you need more details, please post here: someone will be happy to help you

thank you for the help. I will try it now.

You’re welcome

Wait it says that

all the files in the directory C:\documents and settings\kel\my documents\dvd\ will be deleted! are you sure?

Before to start rip you should choose a path on your harddrive in which put all files. Any software usually have a default path, but you can modify it. Create a folder where you want.

Ensure to have enough space.

that’s where it will save the temporary files. I would create a folder specifically for temp files because it will clear that folder each time you rip a dvd.

Like geno888 said, but i wouldn’t take care of this, selecting your created folder it would ask you again, but just click ok, video_ts folder is then in the DVD folder.

With the new protection schemes coming out (ARccOS and RipGuard), the best program in my opinion is DVD CSS & Region Free. DVD CSS & Region Free states they willl keep up with the newest protectino schemes and the cost of it will include free upgrades as time goes on. I have used the latest version of it in combination with 1 Click DVD Copy and it works great. You can download DVD CSS & Region Free for free and use it for 30 days to try it out. It says you can use it with DVD Shrink (which is always free) too but I have not tried this combination.

ok I did the dvd shrink and the dvd encryt thing, I have sonic digital media and when I click to burn the disc image it does nothing. Does this software not work for this?

where do you get the dvd css and region free?

What is the “encryt thing” ? :confused:

After ripping, you can use DVD Shrink to remove all undesidered stuff (such as other languages or other).

After finished, simply press the “Backup” button and wait until finishes. I suggest you to choose ISO image as output.

After shrink finished, you must burn files on a DVD.

Simply use a burning app to burn the ISO file. You can use DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, Nero, or whatever you prefer.