How do I write to multiple drives at once

How do I write to multiple drives at once.

Do I need a DVD duplicator or can I just have multiple dvd drives in my pc and use nero to copy an original and make the duplicates.

How do I do it?

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First you have to make sure you have Multi- Thread Technology processor (late version of Pentium 4) and your Mother board should be capable for this also; you do have enough RAM (atleast 1GB) to do this. If all this true then Nero is multi drive burn capable and for each drive you can open Nero and start burning.

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In the thread I linked, it states that some retail versions of nero have a checkbox to enable multiple recorders to burn simultaneously(of the same source material) without opening multiple examples of nero.

Is there usually a problem if the drives are not all the same type?

I have an internal pioneer 104, and an external memorex 16x(?)

If you refering in the eye of the Nero software, no makes no difference if you have 10 drive with 10 different brands.

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Those are pretty opposite examples of burners…try it and find out for us:)

I’ll let you know in a few weeks when I get my pioneer 104 back.

I had to send it back to them when I tried to upgrade the firmware so it could use disks greater than 2x.