How do I watch a avi video in my dvd player



hi, I downloaded a film from limewire, the film played in window movie player and realplayer. I tried to burn to a dvd but it would not play in my dvd player, the format is a avi video file. I have noticed that there is a .scn file with the same title, my question is, how can I burn this so I can watch it on my dvd player. Please be specific on how to do this


your dvd player has to be “divx” compatible to play avi files…u could convert the avi file to dvd format then play it on your dvd player…that’s what i always do


Ignoring the fact that this is posted to the wrong forum…

As has already been said your DVD player will play it if it is DivX certified. You’ll see a DivX Video symbol on the front of it if it is, indeed, certified. Note: DivX files will play perfectly on a DivX certified player however other files with the AVI extension may not (ie Xvid).

Your other option - which has also been stated - is to convert it and burn it to a DVD. VSO ConvertXtoDVD works quite nicely for this.

SCN files can be one of various things since the format is used by numerous programs. Do a Google search for “SCN file”.


He downloaded a film from limewire? As well as this thread being in the wrong forum, he is talking about something illegal.


While my initial response [before I edited it] contained basically the same statement you can also download non illegal video content from limewire. Either way it was posted to the wrong forum.


I’m Still stuned That ConvertXtoDVD isn’t free… Darn!!!

Limewire downloads aren’t really best quality to put on a DVD anyway…


Copying and burning copyrighted content that you do not own is illegal . Could you please inform us of what this content is?


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why would he do that?

why not just say…“don’t mention where you got the avi…just ask how to play it”…this is kind of like being the class hall monitor…everyone in here gets vids and other goodies from these places and a new person asks a question and he gets harangued about it…unreal

why don’t we also not give advice on rippin copy protected dvd’s…thats illegal to right?