How do I view ".IBG" files?

After each successful burn, ImgBurn creates an .ibg file within my IbgBurn folder.

When I double click on one of these files to view it, I get an “Invalid or unsupported image file or format” error message :frowning:

What is the purpose of these files, should I keep them and how do I view them?

.IBG files are ImgBurn graph files. Basically, they contain information about how the burn went, such as length of time, amount of data written to the disc, etc. It also saves a general snapshot of the write graph.

These files are only usable with DVDInfoPro.

You can delete them, and prevent ImgBurn from saving more of them by going into Tools > Settings > Graph Data and uncheck “Capture Graph Data”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe one day the CDSpeed guy will add support for reading/displaying them too… that’ll be nice for people that don’t want to buy DVDInfoPro :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can’t justify spending another $40NZ just so that I can look at some pretty pictures :slight_smile:

Once upon a time DVDInfoPro was free and so everything worked out just fine.

From my (selfish) point of view, it’s a real shame the author decided to make it shareware.

But hey, you can always use the trial version quickly if you want to see what they’re supposed to look like (just this once) and then uninstall it again :slight_smile:

Too much pissing around to download and use the trial version, so I just deleted all the pretty (I guess) files that I had created :slight_smile:

Glad I found this thread and found out how to prevent Imgburn from making these. All of a sudden they were popping up in my burn folder (dunno where the hell they were going before now) and at first I didn’t know where they were coming from. I have no interest in these files and was getting tired of the folder filling up with these files and always having to delete them (IMO, Imgburn should default this function off instead of on). Now I know how to keep them gone. Thanks Albert.

Well, in case anyone wants to see what’s behind the .ibg files without installing DVDinfo Pro:
Burn Plot is a freeware application for that purpose. It’s available on Imgburn download website:


Thanks mciahel , I have the ImgBurn graphs disabled because I couldn’t veiw them now I will enable them when I’m having a burn problem.I probably will temporarily just to see what information they contain.

‘Opti Drive Control’ can also open then.

You can double click the entry in the log window where it mentions the IBG and ImgBurn will open it with whichever program you’ve told it to use via the Settings. Of course you can also use the ‘Display Graph Data’ buttons on the main screen or the entry in the ‘File’ menu too.