How do I view a 16:9 AVI as 16:9?

I have a large, very good video quality AVI file. Trouble is that it
was obviously filmed in 16:9 but it is showing in WMP as 4:3, so it’s
all squashed in the horizontal direction. How do I get it to show in

Do I need to convert the file or just use a different viewer. I’ve tried various options on WMP without any luck.

The best option would be to use another player.
I don’t use WMP to watch video, but you can have a look at this link and to the 5th question, maybe you can solve it this way:

Thanks, I followed those instructions, but unfortunately there is no “Display” in the Device list, and therefore no “pixel aspect ratio” to adjust… (thanks microsoft)

I have the same problem with DIVX player, RealPlayer and BlazeDVD, that’s why I thought I had to do something with the AVI file itself.

Try [B]VLC[/B] media player. It’s free and will play anything. Just [B]Google[/B] it.

Excellent, it works!!
The only player I’ve seen which allows you to choose aspect ratio.