How do i use WS_FTP?

i want to access an ftp but can’t because my port setting is wrong.

i have the correct user/ password

how do i find the correct port…and where do i input this into WS_FTP?

i’m a newbie to this ftp stuff:( and i need a push in the right direction;)

thanks for your help :cool:

ftp is on port 21 unless other specified!

yep i seen that port 21 thing…but if the port needed is different what else could it be?

what other numbers can be used as ports?

thx again

In theory: 1-65535
In practice: 21 or 1024-65535

When you access an FTP server through IE on a port different than 21 you will see this as follow:

(port = 11121)

Like I said: standard is port 21 unless other specified. If it is not port 21 but also not specified… can’t help you with that!

ok thanks for the info