How do I use Winrar to backup a 6 gigabyte file?

I just want to back the file up to a DVD, but don’t want to risk losing the file. Is it wise to break the big file into smaller files so that I can manage it easily by burning it on to the DVD? How do I make par files as a extra precaution? Thanks alot!

U can make archive volumes, yes. For backing up into pars is very simple. Go here and download Quickpar
Its automatic settings backup 10% of the orginal rar volume.

Very simple. I use this for backing up my appz (rar). very useful…sasarchiver

if the file is a video file then use a video file splitter NOT WinRAR. to use winrar to split a file: rightclick on the file/add to archive/
choose the split to volumes…

What size do you usually use? Btw, why did you check “create solid archive”?

  1. how long is a piece of string ? :slight_smile:
    depends on original file size and the number parts you want to divide it into

  2. makes no difference really. uncheck it if you want.

Depends if I wanna burn the files to CD, DVD or something else.

I always tick, create solid archive. My feeling says it makes the files just a bit smaller, but I never checked if that’s true .

“Solid” archiving makes the compression of files dependent on each other, good for multiple similar files, as it does not have to start the compression dictionary from scratch every time, but irrelevant on a single file.

The advantage of solid compression, where appropriate, is significantly improved compression (massively improved, where multiple files differ only in a few bytes - such as patched firmware for 12x, 14x and 16x).

The drawbacks of solid compression are:
Slower extraction of single files.
Minor damage is not partially recoverable.
Not possible to update in place, other than by full rewriting.

  • a compromise is the blocked archive - a solid where the solid dependency is reset every so many files, or megabytes.