How do I use the search option with s_p_a_c_e_s?

Is it just me or is the search function unable to do a search for “cd quality” or “copy protection” as a phrase because of the space in it? If so, can someone try to get it to do a multiple word search function?

Has nothing to do with multiple words. Only each word has to contain at least 3 letters. I don’t know why “copy protection” won’t work, as it goes here.

“copy protection” works just fine.
In the case of “cd quality”, either type “cd-quality” or “cd* quality”

Ah thanks. I just assumed that spaces don’t work, and quoted examples with spaces, without remembering the exact ones I did which gave me problems. “copy protection” works, btw.

As said, every search string has to have at least 3 characters. By allowing shorter search strings it would become too much of a strain on our server and turn up numerous results if you’d search on for example ‘CD’.

By using ‘AND’ between 2 search strings you can easily combine it. ‘copy AND protection’ would turn up all posts that have both the word ‘copy’ and the word ‘protection’ in it.