How do i use the omnipatcher for lite on dvd writers?

Hi guys as you can probably guess im new to all this, im having problems copying xbox games from my pc to a disc i was told to try omnipatcher to change my dvd writer drive from a + to a - can anyone help?

i know nothing about backing up xbox games. however, you usually can’t turn a + writer into a - writer. the cavat being that some burners + only burners have identical hardware to their +/- siblings (and this is the case for some liteon’s). in this case you can flash your + only drive into a +/- drive. in order to know if this is possible for your burner, you need to provide the brand and model number of your burner.

also, in order to help you back up your xbox games, forum members are going to need to know what exactly to are trying to do that is not working – step by step – and as detailed as possible.

folks around here are miracle workers not mindreaders :wink:

the brand and model numbers are Lite onit LDW-401S.ive turned the files into iso’s and burn them to a disc when i put the disc into the xbox nothing happens the xbox has been mod chipped

You most likely have a bittsetting issue – you probably have to bitset to dvd-rom. I looked and it dosn’t appear that you can flash yor 401 to a 411, but i may be wrong about that. I’m not all that familiar with liteon’s. That being said, I did find a bitsetting enabled firmware for the 401 --fw ESG7. You can download it here:

Flashing does carry some risks --flash at you own risk!!!

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes…

sorry mate no good i get an error message saying ''no matched drive detected this utility is only for dvdrw drw 1s40 drive only. the dvd cd drive you use need not apply to this updating program!

hummm…let me look around a bit more. hopefully someone with more liteon specific knowledge will chime in in the meantime.

ok think i got it…download the following:

load the firmware into omnipatcher and select “enable auto bitsetting”. i would also apply the reccomended tweaks and check the other two general patches…but thats just me.

did some reading on backing up xbox games…check out this link:

Just to add to this, earlier Xboxes would only read -R dvds unless they were modded. I think this is no longer the case though.
The complicated procedure required is partly due to fact that I belive the Xbox DVDs are written from the outer edge inwards - the reverse of normal DVDs.
I certainly have had no problems playing games where I’d downloaded an image. If I liked the game I went out & bought it.

I need guide for Omnipatcher, how to sue it with said Liteon models.
It’s showing error during Load the firmware?
I have "Omnipatcher Version 2.6.2"
And appreciate to know another write strategy swapping software if any??
Reply soon !!