How do i use nero recode ot convert an avi to nero digital?

I love the dvd recoding th equality is fantastic, i was just looking for a way to use nero digital is my only codec.

Recode 2 only converts DVD’s to Nero Digital at this stage. I also have no idea if they have anything in the pipeline to help convert avi or anything else to ND.

i should be able to transcode it into a mpeg-2 then set that up as a dvd image and then convert right?

Yes of course but 2 encodes to get to ND files, hmm… you must really like them. Encode the AVI to MPEG2 with cce for best results. See the Divx to dvdr tutorial.

well i can live with vhs rips going to divx and dvd rips going to nero. i am taping vhs originals through my firewire deck to avoid macrovision. Can you suggest a vhs to divx tutorial? I am coming from a dv avi file.

All I can help you with is follow the DVD to DVDR Tute but select input as DV and not DVD.

Well you rally can’t got straight form avi to nero digital with recode. I have went the long way, make DVDs on my hard drive and then converted. Took about 13 hours for a 1250 MB avi file, yes I am a quility freak, so the file was actually larger that any DVD ( over 5Gigs was one of those). I am actaully wondering about Mpeg4IP and Mp4UI. DO they create nero digital? The quiestion really is this. Are all mp4 files nero digital or is nero digital a certain type of mp4?

Well that doesn’t only promote Xvid but answers my question aswell. Thank you.