How Do I Use LiteOn's Booktype Utility for 851S?

Hi All,

This is a newbie type question but bear with me. I downloaded the booktype utility for my LiteOn 851S Dual DVD ±RW. I use DVD Xcopy Express to make a backup to a DVD+RW and then if this burn comes out good I copy this to a DVD+R using Roxio’s DiscCopy. At what time do I set DVD+R to a DVD-ROM and how do I go about doing this? This is what I did but it did not work (DVD still says DVD+R):

  1. Made a backup of my movie using DVD Xcopy Express onto a DVD+RW.
  2. Then exited the Xpress application and fired up Roxio DisCopy.
  3. Put in the DVD+RW into my machine. I only have one burner. So this is the source.
  4. Started the copy.
  5. When the DiscCopy finished copying the source to the HDD it spit out the DVD+RW. I put in a fresh DVD+R into the DVD drive and let it detect the disc.
  6. At this point instead of hitting continue I started up the Booktype utility. Select the change type to DVD-ROM. I did not exit this program at this time. Should I have?
  7. Then I hit continue with DiscCopy so the contents on the HDD got copied to the DVD+R. It then finished and spit out the disc again
  8. Though everything copied right the DVD disc was still labelled as DVD+R and not DVD-ROM.

What am I doing wrong? Also, If I mark my DVD+RW as a DVD-ROM will this render the DVD+RW as unformattable in the future if I want to write something else to it?



Find CD Freaks official thread on the tool here.

Fine LiteOn’s instructions here.

If you have further questions after reading through the above thread and instructions please post questions in the official CD Freaks thread. We do this to keep information in one area rather then have it get spread out all over the place.