How do I use BlindWrite to just burn a CD? AvP2 compliant?

When I try to use BlindWrite, it asks me to select a CD image and to “indicate a fileset (TOC control file?) in which all cd data is contained”…I cant figure out how to just select the cd I want burned and to get busy! I downloaded the online manual, but it was to no avail. I would love to use this program, as it sounds like its really powerful…


I tried to use Clone CD on AvP2 (with the subchannels enabled) and it sure DIDN’T work…It copies the info on the disc, but won’t work when try to use it. It just thinks for a bit and nothing happens. Any advice on how to get around that protection garbage would be greatly appreciated.

Further, how do you use cracks fro do you burn them onto the disc, or what?

forgive my infinite ignorance

The “No CD” patches/cracks from GameCopyWorld is usually EXE filese which you copy into the directory flere you have installede the game and thus overwriting the original EXE file which was installed by the game.

The Blindwrite Suite consists of 2 programs … BlindRead and BlindWrite.

BlindRead :
Is the program to use when creating images of CD’s.

BlindRead is straightforward to use !

  1. Start BlindRead select “Dump the Image of a CDRom”
  2. press the next button
  3. select the Drive to read from and select the reading method (with subcodes or not ) then select where you want to put the imagefile generated by BlindRead and the type of imagefile ( CUE+BIN or BWI etc. )
  4. press the next button
  5. then start ripping the image using the default options

BlindWrite :
Is the program to use when burning images created with BlindRead or to burn CUE+BIN images.

  1. Start BlindWrite select “Start CD writing wizard”
  2. press next button
  3. select the CD writer to use press next button
  4. If your CD writer is not tested with BlindWrite a new window will pop up … press OK
  5. select the imagefile created by BlindRead and then press Next button
  6. If your Writer is not tested with BlindWrite a new window will pop up … press OK
  7. press OK to burn the CD … in a new window… it’s a small button in the left side of the window