How do I use a cd fix?

I have installed a game on system, and want to be able to use it without a cd. I downloaded a no cd fix from gameburnworld, but am not sure what I do from here. I extracted the files…now what?

Any help would be awesome,

Hello peteep , welcome to the forum! please do not talk about illegal stuff here . please do read this sticky before u ask us for any sort of help …

as you own a original cd , you can make a personal backup of your cd and load it from your virtual cd so that u need not care about loading the cd physically in your cd drive .

Thanks for the reply. Sorry…I didn’t know that that type of thing was illegal. I’m actually just trying to be able to play this on my laptop without having the cd. I tried making a backup, but it didn’t work as the cd is copyrighted. Trying to find an alternative solution.

tell me what cd you are trying to backup . please post your cd drive specs too :slight_smile: . if you make a backup properly , i am dead sure it will work

I am trying to back-up Far Cry…forgive me cause I’m not a techy but I own the gateway 200 notebook which has a cd burner. My desktop also has a burner which I replaced about a year ago, but I’m not too familiar with the specs. Let me know where to look for this info and I’ll let you know.

From what I see it’s a samsung cdrw/dvd sn-324f

If you want to use a game without the CD then you can use the virtual drive that coes with Alcohol. This does mean that you will have a large image sitting on your hard drive but it should work no the less.

Womble…could you please expand on this option. I’m not sure what alcohol is (looks like a program) and how do you use the virtual drive.


Hello Peteep.

Alcohol 120% is a burning application that allows you to make backups of many games. It has a thing called a “Virtual Drive”, which is an option that when enabled, acts as a real CD/DVD ROM drive, viewable as one in My Computer and so on. Now we use this Virtual Drive to “Mount” images onto it. We do that by making an image of Far Cry with the image making wizard and the SafeDisc 2/3 Datatype, letting it read. When it is done you will find it has created 2 files, a *.mds file and a *.mdf file. With this, you can load it onto the virtual drive in Alcohol by right clicking on the drive and pressing “Mount”, and choosing the file.

Alternatively, if the image file is on the list in the main screen of Alcohol, Double Click it to automatically load itself onto the drive. The image will then act exactly like the CD.

To enable the Virtual Drive if not already, choose Virtual Drive in the Options menu on the left of the screen. Then choose the amount of Virtual Drives you want. Then click OK.

Good Luck! :slight_smile: