How do i upgrade my SOHC-5232K to NYK5?

I found that there is newer firmware available for my
Lite-on SOHC-5232K combo drive.
It loads the NK0H fine… but I am unable to load NYK5 onto it.
it says it requires a Sony CRX320E but is unable to find it.
is there a way around it ?

LiteOn SOHC-5232K
• NK07/NK0A/NK0E/NK0G - patched - faster DVD R/RW reading (old)
• NK0H - patched - faster DVD R/RW/RDL reading
Sony CRX320E (rebadged LiteOn SOHC-5232K)
• NYK5 - patched - faster DVD R/RW/RDL reading


isn’t NK0H newer? anyway, just download the NYK5 flasher from sony’s support site and flashfix it.

remember, unless it’s disabled by the R/RW/RDL speedpatch, the Sony version also has a CD speed reduction to 40x (turbo mode, 52x) - this reduces the risk of shattering, generally improves the read (less errors, retries) and if it also applies to CD-R writing, it will definitely improve the write, since there are NO drive/media combinations that do not improve as you drop from 52 to 48 to 40 - some will flatten at 32x, some at 24x, and some improve all the way down to minimum, while others get worse.

Smart-Burn and a 40x limit, so it will do less if it needs to, but no more, that would be ideal.

so are you saying NYK5 is better ? because it burns only to 40x ?

so how about taking codeguys’s patched NYK5 (that is available in 3 read speeds for DVD Reads at 12x,14x, 16x speeds) in 14x speeds and then pass it thru flashfix.
will that be the ideal firmware for this liteon ?

I presume this will still be the equivalent of NKOH - only show up as NYK5… so
my drive looks like Sony instead of Liteon., is that right ?

i see no point in flashing to sony firmware…

I’m beginning to be convinced to switch my Sony to Liteon, as NH0H is going to be several steps more evolved than NYK5 - and then set the burn speed manually, despite Nero grumbling that it’s not the automatic setting - Smart-Burn speed makes too many mistakes - average media at full speed, and excellent at 16x - and of course, old/new media using the same code