How do i upgrade my firmware

drive drw-1s81 (firmware is hsg1) thats in device manager

how do i upgrade firmware for this drive…

it will not write 8x discs…

thanxs a lot

ok i downloaded firmware hsg8 but how do i install it… please guys help me out here… i never done this before… do i need a programme to do it… thanxs again

download this:

unpack and apply.

ok choko did that and only would write at 2x thats the liteon drive tho innit

how do i get my firmware hsg1 back

don’t you have a backup?
what discs are you using?

no i didnt have a back up and im using datawrite yellow 8x

but im lookin to get firmware hsg8 which i have downloaded but it wont let me install it now ???

HS0R should be newer, as it’s directly from lite-on.

what mediacode do the discs have?

when i put HS0R it said HSG1 was the newest firmware but i still installed it

madiacode how do i find that out thanxs

stansard, the flasher always sais this…

for the mediacode: start KProbe -> info -> disc

or: with nero info tool -> disc
download infotool here:

blank dvd-r
layers 1
supp/ speeds 2.0x
man u idcmc mag. ae1
all the rest n/a

but the disc says 8x ??? and ive had 4 x on other discs
and burned at 4x

as you already said, supported speed is only 2x. you should get quality media for higher burnspeeds, like Verbatim.

well why does it say 8x and it cant do it
i have been usin bulkpaq 4x without a problem and burnin at 4x


hsg8 won’t help to solve this, hs0r is newer…

you need flashfix and the hsg8 flasher:

your drive is from 4kus which is a liteon OEM
and as chok0 said use the flashfix for the HSG8 then just run it
or just stay with HS0R

so the drive actually is liteon and i stay with this firmware… so this is the best i can do …so i gotta look for better media … if yes … if so thanxs a lot for ur help guys