How do I update the firmware on my DW-D22a



update the firmware on my DW-D22a !!
I can not for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this seemingly simple task ? (atleast the way the “Freaks” discuss it !)
I have a Sony DW-D22A which I bought three months ago. I have used DVD Xcopy since I installed the Sony drive. The Sony came with a Nero Bundle, and the previous burner came with a Pinnacle Bundle. No conflict existed with instantCd and InCD. Until…
A month ago I decided to screw around and update my drivers and bios from the HP website. I also updated the Nero bundle from their website. When I updated Nero I recieved some type of message that said would you like to disable the InstantCD drivers because of conflicts w/ inCD. I did. I also used the Nero driver “clean tool”. I can not succesfully copy a DVD at this time. Looks like I’m the tool now !
I would like to try and update the firmware, but can not figure out how to do it. Is there a “Freak” out there who will take the time to walk me through the process.


I can not succesfully copy a DVD at this time.

why ?


I finally updated the firmware to BYS3 and successfully copied and burned a DVD.
G)-(osters, I see your point. I didn’t actually tell you what was happening when I tried to copy the DVD.
No worries now. Thanks.