How do I unprotect WMAs?



I want to transfer a large number of songs from Windows Media Player to ITunes but I get the message " Protected WMA Format and could not convert?

How do I unprotect these WMA’s so I can transfer to ITunes?


Are there any intelligent people out there who can answer my question?


You could either re-record them using analog in- and outputs or remove the WMA protection with the aid of a handy tool.

I will not help you with this, because removing the WMA protection may be illegal in your country. Try google.


Assuming you don’t have Windows Media Player version 11 installed, the utility FairUse4WM should help unlock your protected WMA music. Note that as the tool mentions, you must already be able to play the protected files in order for the tool to work. E.g. if you copy DRM protected files to another PC which does not have the license to play the music, the utility will not work.

Microsoft has improved its DRM (copy protection) system in Windows Media Player version 11.0.6000 and later, which prevents the tool from working. To see which version you’re using, go into Windows Media Player, right-click the title bar and then Help => About Windows Media Player.


Try this:


An easy and legal way to unprotect your WMAs in order to be able to transer them is to use Tunebite. It´s legal because it re-records them, like Mr.Belvedere says, without the protection.
I mean, all this topic, whether it´s legal or not, is sooo old and debated…I think it´s legal, as long as it is for personal use. It is your right to use the WMA´s like you want, be it on a PC or a mobile device.
You can read more about the way Tunebite enables you to have your music always with you audials :cool:


Are there any intelligent people out there

Intelligent peole don’t use wma’s and avoid DRM in general and try to avoid any commercial apps for conversion(spam)


If you can hear it you can record it!..did I say that? :slight_smile:


If you bought a drm wma, burn it to a disc and then rip that disc back into your computer as a MP3. Or put a microphone up to the speakers and hit the record button on the cassette recorder…


I think the easiest way to do this is by using Tunebite. I have been using it for some time and must say that it’s really fast and the quality of the sound is high.


‘Intelligent peole don’t use wma’s and avoid DRM in general and try to avoid any commercial apps for conversion(spam)’…
Laugh? I nearly bought my own beer!


I use SoundTaxi


Ohh…I just love re-activated old threads, can I advertise too ? pls pls pls :smiley:

Actually there is no need to advertise something else, Tunebite rules them all anyway :cool:


Kind of throws me off, even a more respectable company when they start to spam

makes me wonder, if they have no ethics, what else I have to watch out for


then even if their program is legitimate and a good deal, it’s too late,


And why would that be too late DaChew?


When I see a pattern of a few members all having few posts that are reccomending a certain family of commercial software in a forum, that prohibits spamming, I presume those members are just here or there to spam. Regardless of the software they reccomend, they have lost credibility. I reccomend ImgBurn and even nero from time to time, I have no financial interest in either program, and I try not to play favorites.

Over at another forum where I moderate we noticed a whole thread turning into an advertisement for certain german software, the posters all had few posts and were almost all from germany. I expect this from a lot of the chinese softare, not germany tho. They may have a good product but they need to show a little more dignity promoting it.

I have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later with spammers





Well, excuse me, that I don’t seem to have more time to post on the forum, to collect the number of posts, that entitle you to speek about a program you like/enjoy without getting in some sort of group of spaming guys.
Also, please accept my appology that I only have a few tools installed on my PC, like Tunebite, Alcohol, Skype and Nero…
Ups, I did it again with that spaming your talking about :rolleyes:
I joined this forum only to gain a little more knowledge about PCs and to share my experience about the few programs I use, looks like I was wrong…you have to be some kind of computer freak, with many, many posts in order be “accepted” in a chat and not to be flagged as a spamer


Maybe we got you all wrong…it’s not necessary to have a lot of posts to be accepted in the community and it’s also not prohibited to talk about softwares… I debated about Tunebite many many times a year ago and there was no problem with it.

What caught my attention and perhaps the attention of some others here, was the way you wrote it, it really sounded like a promotional text.

Anyway, from my point of view you are clean, now that you explained a bit, but dunno about the other guys.

P.S. “Also, please accept my appology…Ups, I did it again with that spaming” - sarcasm is not the right way, try a sincere apology in the future :wink: