How do I uninstall Busmaster IDE Drivers?

Can someone point me in the right direction? How do I uninstall my busmaster IDE Drivers?? Is this easy to accomplish? Do they re-instate themselves upon reboot?
Thanks for any help and illumination you can provide,

A search produced quite a few posts on the subject. Let your fingers do the walking.

Thanks Pipemanid… unfortunately for me, I don’t understand this very well… I can look at my Device Manager but I see no “Busmaster IDE drivers”… I have 3 listings under IDE ATA / ATAPI Controllers:
Intel® 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

I’m not sure if this is what I’m suppossed to uninstall…Am I looking in the right place?

Why do you want to uninstall?

I believe it’s a conflict with clonedvd and Olli has been informing ppl to uninstall intel, via & nVidia ide busmaster drivers and use the MS drivers.

Makes sense. I haven’t used Intel BM drivers since NT4.

I do have this listed in Device Mangage (XP):
Intel 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller
If I uninstall this, will Windows automatically install its driver in its place?

Next time you boot it will.


Might be too late but before you uninstall the Intel 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller, click the driver tab, I’m betting it will indicate Microsoft
version 5.1.2600.1106 dated 7/1/2001. The Intel Controller is using Microsoft drivers as it should be.

Check your add/remove programs and make sure it does not display “Intell Application Accelerator”, this program creates conflicts. If you have it uninstall it.