How do i undelete on UDF DVD-RW?

Hi folks,

Will there be a gentle soul to tell me how to undelete one directory?? I erased the wrong directory on a dvd-rw using windows explorer with Nero InCD and the damn thing didnt want to Undo delete even though i pressed CTRLZ several times and rightclicked and everything!
My whole photo album was in there!
400 MB of hi-res pics.
No backups of course :frowning:

Thanks for any help!


A program like Naltech CD data rescue (link

At $40, it is fairly cheap for data recovery software, I’ve seen programs to recover deleted files from hard drives that sell for over $100.

Anyways, looks like that program should do what you need. Hope this helps.


I cant find anywhere that Naltech can be used on DVD’s, they only mention CD recovery. Sure it will work?

well, I can’t say for sure that it will or won’t work, but I can say that it’s not going to make it any worse. There is a free trial version on the site that I linked to, try it and see if it shows the files that you are wanting recovered.