How do I uncompress/unpartition a partitioned HD?

Hi. Since my bigger HD died on me, I’m waiting for delivery of a new HD. In the meantime, I am stuck with an old 20GB one that has been partitioned into a 5GB system section (with the O/S and key programs) and 15 GB of compressed space under Win XP.

How do I uncompress the drive and merge the partitions into one 20GB one again?

If you are going to suggest some kind of partition manager/tool, can you please suggest one that won’t cost me money just to use it once?

To be honest, I never used this compression that comes with NTFS (WiNNT and derivates support it). What I do know from compressed volumes, is that I never ran into a system that supported the uncompressing of a volume, without loosing data.

If there’s no data on the disk, there should be no problem turning the compressed drive into a regular disc. Merging shouldn’t be too much of a problem either, but I don’t know a (free) MS-based solution.

If you are comfortable with Linux, you could download Knoppix (full Linux distro on a CD, boots from CD, and do the operations with some Linux tools. If you want to know more about this, I (perhaps) can help you. Just be aware, this is pretty risky and rather complicated!

You could also download a trial copy of partition magic. Version 8 I think is the lastest one. As far as I know with the trial version everything can be used it just has a time lock on it of 30 days I think.

I am not sure though if it will uncompress the drive. I haven’t ever done it. All I know though is that it does have alot of features that I have never used so maybe you will get lucky and find the one that you need.

Webpage if you are intrested.

Thanks Dee-ehn & Womble. In the end I just decided to wait until Friday for my new HD to be delivered. Its a cheap IBM / Hitachi 180GXP 120Gb 7200rpm ATA100 2mb Cache Hard Drive - OEM. No point getting a good one on a comp I am planning on resigning to be a mere Linux/FreeBSD gateway after I get my new comp…which I am planning on getting soon. For the new one, I’d follow rdgrime’s advice and get a Western Digital 8MB cache one with a 3 year warranty.

NTFS drives can be uncompressed by navigating to the drive in question and type COMPACT /u /a /s /i at the prompt. This has to be done for each drive that needs to be uncompressed.

Partition merging requires third party software. No recommendations here.

if my drive is separated into 3 partitions, is it possible with partition magic, to keep the existing 3 partitions, but adjust the sizes of each of the partitions, without losing data?

No problem.

Simply answer is yes.

To do this though you need a “certain” amount of free space on each of your drives.

EG. 10GB drive with 8GB of data on it. If you wanted to change this down to 5Gb drive then you would have to manually move some stuff off of the drive. Probably 3.5GB since the progam needs some space to work in.

First of all; sorry for bumping this 4.5 year old thread, but I guess I have the same problem here. My original HDD was 140 GB but now I partitioned it to 120 and 20GB. The 20GB pretty much has no data on it; it’s just unallocated data. Can anyone explain in detailed steps of hwo to “unpartition” this HDD back to 140GB?