How do i turn powerec off?

ok probably a stupid ? but how do you turn powerec off everytime i open plex tools up powerec is back on.

                            tia slicker

Are you using Nero? If you are open Nero and go to choose recorder and under options uncheck power record ther also.

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PoweRec is re-enabled every time Plextools is run. However, if you turn it off in Nero it stays off the next time you run the program. So, it depends which software you use to burn your discs.

BTW, why do you want to turn it off? Even when you turn it off in Nero, you get a warning that burn quality will probably go down.

Edit: In Nero, it’s in Recorder|Choose Recorder|Options

i was just doing some quality testing with some verbatim mcc004 discs but they keep burning at 12x max so i wanted to turn powerec off and see if they would burn at 16x
with good quality.

Just a small note: if you turn of PoweRec in PlexTools and leave PlexTools running in the background, it will remain disabled when you burn with other burning applications unless of course you use an app that can also control PoweRec and can override the PlexTools setting. Did that make any sense to you? :wink:

yep made perfect sense and thanks for all the info everyone.