How do I turn off compression in DVDneXtCopy?

I have downloaded a trial verion of DVDneXtCopy, and I am trying to make a backup of a DVD I own.

I am trying to copy the disk to my hard drive, so I can edit the DVD with PgcEdit to remove stuff I don’t want, and then I will run fixvts to remove the junk video completely. Only then will I use DVDShrink to make it fit on a single layer DVD.

The problem I am having is that DVDneXtCopy seems to ignore everything I setting I try, and it is shrinking the results to fit in 4.3GB onto my hard drive. That means the main movie is getting shrunk by about 50%, before I delete the extra junk I don’t want. Is there any way to get this software simply copy the disk as it is to the hard drive, without any compression?

Under settings Copy put a check next to Create Double Layer Copy. This is how to do that on Ultimate

I tried setting Dual Layer, and I still got a 4.3GB. I also tried checking set a custom target size, and set the value to 8100MB.

One thing I find strange is that the program considers the CD/ DVD drive in my laptop as the default target (I have to change it to HDD). That CD/DVD drive can only read DVDs, but it can burn CDs. Perhaps DVDneXtCopy sees a burning device in my laptop, that does not support Dual Layer burning. As a result DVDneXtCopy may be ignoring the target size and dual layer settings.

I’ll try this as well and see if it happens to me. As for the default drive this is normal.